Md. Quamruzzaman

Mr. Md. Quamruzzaman is the founder of FRONT PAGE FOUNDATION which is dedicated to the educational empowerment of the students is Secondary Education, B. Ed. Course and D. El. Ed courses so as to make them in the first instance to stand up on their own feet for independence in life which will ultimately promote societal transformation and nation building on a robust foundation. He dedicated himself by imparting Higher Education Course in B. Ed and offering D. El. Ed Courses which will enable committed young people to become dedicated teachers to form young students in learning and character formation for common good.

Md. Quamruzzaman is a committed social worker and reputed Educationist in the sense that with his initiative of providing residential education to students from rural areas and far-flung villages where there are no proper educational facilities. This initiative from his part has enabled many former students under this Trust to become research students in various fields acquiring awards from the Government of the State.

His untiring hard work enables many students to reach higher level in different fields of education contributing to their empowerment and developing their inner capabilities. This self-less service is an ideal lessor for others to follow suit in this regard for societal development promoting national wealth.